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Prä machines and devices for finishing book blocks


Book back rounding machine

The PräLomo is a machine to round the back of book blocks.

The PräLomo is a  machine to round the back of book blocks.  It rounds assorted book blocks (with frequently changing block thicknesses) as well as series of blocks.
The device consists of a basic frame with a table that is adjustable in height and a mobile rounding bar with which the rounding of the book block is achieved.
This rounding bar is heated. The temperature can be  adjusted progressively by a temperature control. Thereby the fan-bound back is heated during the rounding process. The book block may then be rounded much easier and the rounding is even.
The table plate is adjustable in height in order to adapt it to different block thicknesses. The thickness is adjusted with a locking lever on the left side of the machine.

At first, the heating of the device is switched on. The heating process takes approx. 5 - 10 minutes.
Now the block thickness of the first book block is adjusted with the locking lever. The book block is placed on the table and pushed against the now vertically standing rounding bar with its fan-bound side.
Now the hand lever is pressed a few times until one half of the book back is rounded. While moving the hand lever with one hand, the book block is held back against the rounding bar with the other hand. Then the book block is turned and the other side is rounded in the same way.
The power of the rounding plate is adjusted by the hand lever. The stronger the lever is pressed down, the stronger the block will be rounded.

PräLomo only rounds book blocks bound with dispersion glue (cold glue). Blocks bound with hotmelt may not be rounded as the heat would "reactivate" the hotmelt. 
The rounding of PUR-bound blocks may only be possble after intensive testing and wihtin a very short time frame.

  • Floor space: 44 x 44 cm
  • Height: 58 cm
  • Weight: 23 kgs
  • Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz - 300 W (A. C.)

Book block sizes:
  • Thickness:    8 - 80 mm
  • Height:    0 - 320  mm

  • Output: approx. 100 - 150 pcs / hour (depending on the material)


easy operation

quick adjustment of table plate to block thickness

heated and moveable rounding plate for quick and even rounding

rounding plate power adjustable by hand lever


hardcover books




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Book block finishing with Prä machines

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