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Book block making with Prä machines


Layflat binding system

PräziBind is a binding system consisting of three modules to produce layflat book blocks.

PräziBind is a binding to produce layflat book blocks. It consists of the following three modules:

PräziBind-F to expose the paper fibres of the sheet edges
PräziBind-B to apply activator and special glue. The system works with the unique patented Ribler binding technology.
PräziBind-A to press and dry the ready book blocks

An open block clamp is placed on the infeed chute of the PräziBind-F. 
Now the book block is inserted into the chute with its spine facing downwards and is jogged and centered.
The book block is pressed and the spine treatment is started. Compared to the usual milling, notching or other roughening techniques, the Ribler technology lays open the fibres without tearing them.  This creates a better surface structure for the gluing process. After the cycle the block is taken out of the chute remaining in the clamp and placed into the PräziBind-B.
Now, the activator is applied to improve the tack between paper fibres and glue.
Then the environmentally-friendly special cold glue is applied and worked into the spine.This gluing process is also part of the Ribler technology. The wet-in-wet process achieves an unrivalled durability of the layflat binding.
After gluing, the frame is returned to its home position, remains there for a few seconds, and the block is pressed on a previously inserted cover or alternatively
on a PräziCover combined endsheet.
After a short waiting period the block may be removed together with the cover and is piled, lying on its back, for drying in the pressing and stacking station PräziBind-A.

After approx. 1 hour, the book block may be processed carefully (trimming, casing-in etc.). However, full bonding and stability is guaranteed after 10 - 12 hours only.

  • Block clamp with support plates available in 3 plate sizes:
    •  50 mm (for small blocks up to 150 mm height)
    • 100 mm (for medium blocks up to 250 mm height)
    • 200 mm (for large blocks; as of 250 mm height)

  • Ribler special glue, developed for the PräziBind system:
    Ribler GreenFlow - activator to improve the tack between paper fibres and glue
    Ribler Green Tack 50 - special glue to glue the individual pages to a layflat book block

  • PräziCover combined endsheets
    Doubled and folded endpaper, hinged with a fabric to produce book blocks with real endsheets for hardcover books
PräziBind-F (exposing fibres)
Floor space: 86 x 46 cm (W x D)
Height: 40 cm
Weight: approx. 79 kgs
Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz (A. C.)

PräziBind-B (binding)
Floor space: 57 x 71 cm (W x D)
Height: 46 cm
Weight: approx. 44 kgs

PräziBind-A (pressing and drying station)
Floor space: 36 x 66 cm (W x D)
Height: 36 cm
Weight: approx. 12 kgs

Book block sizes:
Width: 120 – 430 mm
Height: 120 – 320 mm
Thickness: 3 – 30 mm

Output: up to 50 pcs / h


layflat for small volumes and books-on-demand

fibre exposure adjustable to paper quality

environmently-friendly special cold glue

no emissions, no hazardous waste

minimum energy consumption

suitable also for difficult digital printing papers, also with higher grammages

wet-in-wet binding process for a durable binding

perfect opening features


books of any category

photo books

illustrated books

children's books

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Layflat binding with Prä machines

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