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Prä machines and devices for finishing book cases

A book case very often needs to be processed further, e. g. when making books with rounded backs, the book case also needs to be rounded.
Moreover, book cases are often protected or decorated with metal book corners.
We offer devices and machines for these purposes to facilitate and accelerate thes work processes.
Finishing a book case also includes the application of foil blockings. You may find various machines for hot-foil stamping in the category "Hot-foil stamping".


The PräPremo is a manual press to fix metal book corners.

PräPremo Pro

The PräPremo Pro is a pneumatic press to fix metal book corners.


The PräKasch is a toggle-lever case press designed to press down book cases, posters, calendar backs etc. after laminating and/or turning-in.


The PräRund machine is designed to round the spines of book cases.

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