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Prä machines and devices for finishing book cases


Book corner press

The PräPremo is a manual press to fix metal book corners.

The PräPremo is a manual press to fix metal book corners. It is suitable for for book corners up to 30 mm length.
The device comes in a handy case with divided storage space for different corners. A starter-kit of corners is also included.

The book corner is either slid directly on the product corner or placed at the guide angle of the press. It this then forwarded to the stop together with the product. For pressing, only very little effort is
required. The hand lever is slightly pressed down with 2 - 3 fingers and the book corner is fixed. Too much pressure may lead to deformations of the book corners.

  • Floor space: 28  x 8 cm
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Weight:  2.2 kgs
  • Max. corner leg length: 30 mm


We supply a large variety of suitable book corners: gold-coloured, nickel-plated and coloured corners, straight, decorative or triangular corners and different leg lengths.
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easy operation

very little effort required for pressing

no format settings

no setup time

even pressing without deformations

angle guide for quick corner positioning


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