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Prä machines and devices for finishing book cases


Book case rounding machine

The PräRund machine is designed to round the spines of book cases.

The PräRund machine is designed to round the spines of book cases.
It can round any spine width from 10 mm to 120 mm. As no adjustments have to be made, an output of 250 to 300 cases per hour is realistic, even with different spine widths.
Operating the PräRund is very easy and can quickly be learned by everyone.

After 2 - 3 minutes of heating-up, the PräRund  is ready for operation. The book case is placed on the table in such a way that it is parallel to the ledger lines of the table and with their back on the built-in rubber base.
To start the rounding process, the roller is lowered onto the spine by the foot-treadle. The roller is now moved to and fro (from joint to joint) a few times by means of a hand lever. During this process, the foot-treadle remains  pressed onto the hollow as this pressure determines the kind (radius) of rounding. Strong pressure, therefore, creates a deep rounding of the spine.
Rounding on a flexible base is something very special as it prevents the spine from cracking and allows  very even rounding of the whole spine hollow. Moreover, the pressure put on the spine during the rounding process prevents the spine hollow from coming off the cover material.

  • Floor space: 60 x 77 cm
  • Height: 125 cm
  • Weight: approx. 30 kgs
  • Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz - 200 W

Size range:
  • Spine width: 10 - 120 mm
  • Spine length: up to 600 mm
  • Output:    250 - 300 pcs / hour


easy operation, no prior knowledge required

no format settings

ledger lines for easy alighment of the case

flexible rubber insert - prevents the spine from cracking and allows a very even rounding

spine hollow is pressed during the rounding process

adaption to different materials by means of adjustable thermostat


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