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Case making with Prä machines



The PräDeck is designed to produce hardcover cases for single (assorted) as well as small series of books.

With the PräDeck  the two boards and the spine hollow are placed accurately and with the exact joint width on to the glued cover material.
Standard delivery includes a set of joint bars of 8 mm width. Other widths as of 4 mm are available by request.
The width of the spine hollow is progressively adjustable from 6 mm to 100 mm by means of a precise adjustment mechanism with hand lever.
Standard features of the PräDeck  include an illuminated table. Two centering lines on the table plate facilitate the alignment of pre-printed cover materials.
Moreover, the machine is equipped with an adjustable stop to quickly align different cover widths and the overlap.

The glued cover material is placed on the table and, in the case of unprinted covers, centered by means of two coloured scales. Printed cover materials are aligned by means of the illuminated table and the two centering lines on the table top.
The table is equipped with holes and two suction fans mounted underneath. Curly cover materials may be sucked to the table by means of a foot pedal to facitate the application of the boards and spine.
After the cover has been aligned, the guide angle is lowered by means of a hand lever. Then the spine hollow is placed between the joint bars. By closing the joint bars, the spine is centered automatically.
Now, both boards are placed manually into the guide angles and pressed down for a moment. The guide angles can then be lifted, and the case is ready to be turned-in, for example on our PräKant turning-in machine.

  • Joint formers in special widths as of 4 mm
  • Table extensions, three parts
  • Corner cutter PräZis
  • Floor space: 72 x 57 cm
  • Height: 36 cm
  • Weight: approx. 25 kgs
  • Power supply: 230 Volt - 50/60 Hz  

  • Spine hollow width: 6 - 110  mm
  • Max. spine length: 480 mm, with optional table extension 650 mm
  • Max. case width (open):  720 mm
  • Joint width: 8 mm (standard)
  • Output: 60-100 pcs / h
  • Scope of delivery: Basic machine and 1 set of joint bars 8 mm


no setup time, easy and user-friendly operation

low space requirement

accurate rectangular placing of the boards and spine hollow by means of an adjustable angle support

suction table without requiring pneumatics

suction regulated by foot pedal

illuminated table with two centering lines to align pre-printed cover materials

optimized for use with the turning-in machine PräKant

component of the case-making system PräDeka


textile, leather and cloth cases

foamed cases

cellophaned cases

paper covers

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Case-making with Prä machines

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