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Case making with Prä machines


Casemaking system

The PräDeka system is designed to produce hardcover book cases for single (assorted) as well as small series of books.

The PräDeka is designed to produce hardcover book cases for single (assorted) as well as small series of books.
It consists of the following components:
• PräDeka system base
• PräziCoat XS two-roller gluing machine
• PräDeck casemaker
• PräKant turning-in machine
PräDeka System base
The system base consists of two combined tables with
bottom intermediate shelves, a shelf for pre-cut boards, cover material etc., a drawer for tools, manuals etc. and a lateral storage space adjustable in height for the gluing machine.
The complete system base is adjustable in height. 

PräziCoat XS Gluing machine
This two-roller gluing machine was constructed in such a way that the glued cover material may be placed on the PräDeck without twisting and turning.
As the machine is equipped with a hot-glue tray and a temperature control, it may be operated with hot as well as cold glue.

PräDeck Casemaker
In one process, the two boards and the spine hollow are placed accurately and with the exact joint width on to the glued cover material.No adjustments to different case sizes are required. An illuminated case as well as scales facilitate the positioning of the cover material.

PräKant Turning-in machine
The PräKant  is a turning-in machine designed to turn in and press down the edges during the production of book covers etc. and may also be used for rubbing down laminated or mirrored covers.
The brush height of the machine may be adjusted individually to adapt to different materials and especially to the board thickness. All kinds of different products may thereby be turned in at optimum quality.
PräZis Plus - Corner cutter for PräDeka system
Pneumatic corner cutter built into a joining plate between PräDeck and PräKant

System base: 240 x 78 cm
Height system base: 60 - 80 cm (adjustable)
Height machines: approx. 40 cm
Weight: approx. 390 kgs
Power supply: 230 Volt - 50 Hz  
Air pressure: min. 6 bar
Case sizes: see next page
Board thickness: 1,2 - 3,5 mm
Case-hollow width: 6 - 100  mm
Joint widths: 8 mm (Other joint bar widths available as of 4 mm width.)
Output: 60 - 100 pcs / h

The PräDeka can process the following formats:



*   When selecting the programme for stiff binding materials, the minimum size  increases.
**  When using the system with the PräziCoat XS, either the case height (D) or the case width (A) must not exceed 350 mm as this is the max. working width of the PräziCoat XS.
    Gluing machines with larger roll widths are available by request.
*** With mounted, optionally available table extension for PräDeck. Without table extension (C) = max. 440 mm and (D) = max. 484 mm


no setup time, easy and user-friendly operation

no format settings, not even for different board thicknesses

accurate rectangular placing of the boards and spine hollow by means of an adjustable angle support

illuminated table with two centering lines to align pre-printed cover materials

turning-in and pressing in one pass

pressing via rollers, therefore no bubbles or creases

turn-ins very tight to the boards

12 different programmes for turning-in and pressing down with different ways of ejection and 2 speeds

rubbing down laminated or mirrored covers

all components are also available as standalone devices


textile, leather and cloth cases, menus

integral cases

multi-part and asymmetrical cases

foamed book cases

one-piece products (e. g. game boards, posters)

cellophaned book cases

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Casemaking with Prä machines

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