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Case making with Prä machines

PräDeka XL


PräDeka XL is a very versatile case-making machine. Formats from 13 - 13 cm up to 52 x 110 cm may be processed. With hardly any setup time runs of 1 - 500 pieces or more can be produced economically. The machine may process single- and multi-part cases.

PräDeka XL is a semi-automatic machine for the production of one-off and multiple book cases. Formats from 15 - 15 cm up to 52 x 110 cm may be processed. With hardly any setup time runs of 1 - 500 pieces or more can be produced economically.
The machine is operated by one person, who glues the cover material (on a separate gluing machine, e. g. PräziCoat), puts the boards into place and tucks in the corner and in a second work step, turns and repositions the case for turning in the two remaining edges. 
The actual casemaking process, i.e. turning in all four edges and pressing the case is done automatically.
Besides book cases almost any turned-edge product with single-, triple-, multi-part or asymmetric cases may be processed, among them cases for ring binders, menu covers, photo albums, folders, calendar backs and gameboards.

Basic settings are edited on the touchscreen display. If the basic settings are to remain unchanged, no new entries are necessary. Production may be started immediately.
First the cover material with trimmed corners is glued on a separate gluing machine and placed on the machine's suction table.
The upper overlap of the turn-in (20 mm standard, 15 mm optionally) is preset by a stop bar. Lateral adjustment is done by means of a centered scale on the stop bar. When producing multiple cases (of the same size), side stops facilitates alignment. By pressing the cycle button, the joint bars are lowered on to the cover material. The spine hollow is placed manually between the joint bars, and the two boards are placed abutting the guide angle.
Now the working cycle is started by pressing one of the green buttons or by pressing the foot pedal. This will raise the stop bar and the joint bars, carry the cover/board assembly into the machine where it is collected by the first pair of rollers which forward it to the turning-in brush. One long edge is turned in. The case is forwarded to the second pair of rollers which lead it to the turning-in brush from the other side. The second long edge is turned in, and the case is led back to the front of the machine.
The operator now tucks in the corners manually, turns the case by 90°, pushes it against the back stock.
By pressing one of the green buttons or by pressing the foot pedal, the case is pulled in with its short side first, and the first short edge is turned in. The case is transported to the second pair of rollers which again lead it to the turning-in brush from the other side, and the second short edge is turned in. Then the ready case leaves the machine either towards the front or the rear.
During each process, i. e. four times in total, the book case is pressed by the pairs of rollers, so that even difficult materials are pressed efficiently.
Even after short training only, an output of approx. 100 cases per hour may be achieved.

  • Centre joint bars in different widths
  • Side joint bars for special cases (multi-part and asymmetric)
  • Set of stops for 15 mm turn-in overlap
  • Set of rollers for sensitive materials (for processing products which are succeptible to scratching with board thickness up to 3 mm)
  • Drawer to be mounted unterneath the suction table along the full machine width

The PräDeka XL is equipped with a RJ45 network connector. After connecting a computer or notebook with internet access our technical service department may evaluate error logs may provide quick and targeted assistance in case of a machine failure.

  • Floor space: 150 x 130 cm
  • Height: 125 cm
  • Weight: approx. 380 kgs
  • Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz / 0,5 kW (A. C.)
  • Air supply: 6 bar - 6 l/m

  • Output: up to 100 pcs / h

  • Finished case sizes:
  • Case height: 130 - 520 mm
  • Case width: 130 - 1100 mm
  • Minimum board size (front and rear panel): 70 x 130 mm
  • Board thickness: 1,2 - 3,5 mm
  • Spine width: 5 - 85 mm


minimum to no setup time

easy operation via touchscreen

no previous technical knowledge required

large format range

board thickness up to 3.5 mm

full size suction table

single-, triple-, multi-part as well as asymmetric cases may be processed

increase of productivy by means of optional accessories


single-part products, e.g. gameboards

asymmetric book cases and products


multi-part cases and products

foamed book cases

difficult and stiff cover materials

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Case-making with Prä machines

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