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Case making with Prä machines


Board and spine trimmer

The PräziTrim is designed to automatically trim cover and spine boards for the production of book cases.

The PräziTrim is designed to automatically trim cover and spine boards for the production of book cases.
It trims the cover boards and spines out of a sheet of grey board and transports them to the operator, who places them on a pre-glued cover sheet. The trimming sizes are scanned via barcode or entered manually into the built-in software by means of a touchscreen or loaded from a previously created database. It may be used as a component within the Cover 1 case-making system or as a standalone

The PräziTrim software can be operated in 2 modes. The first involves using a barcode / job file that stores all details of manufacturing the case including case size and profile to be used for manufacturing. The second involves running a case with the user loading the profile to be used and manually entering  the information prior to processing the case.
Then greyboard blanks are placed into the board hopper. If the operator is loading grey board blanks for the first time or if they are changing to a different size blank they will need to manually adjust board hopper to fit the blanks.

The cover boards and the spine are now trimmed to the scanned and/or entered dimensions and forwarded to the operator over the conveyor who may now immediately place them on the  pre-glued cover material.

Already included when usesd within the Cover 1 system!
  • computer
  • monitor
  • barcode system

The PräziTrim is equipped with a RJ45 network connector. After connecting a computer or notebook with internet access our technical service department may evaluate error logs may provide quick and targeted assistance in case of a machine failure.

  • Width: 1143 mm
  • Depth:2438 mm (machine 863 mm, conveyor 1575 mm)
  • Height: - standalone: 1753 mm   
               - within Cover 1-System: 2438 mm
  • Weight: 340 kgs
  • Air supply: 6 bar
  • Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz - 10 A

Material sizes:
  • Cutting width: 6  - 700 mm
  • Cutting height: 127 - 355 mm
  • Blank width: 250 - 770 mm
  • Blank height: 150 - 400 mm
  • Board thickness: 1.5 - 3.5 mm

  • Output: up to 300 cycles / hour


minimum set-up time

adjustments via touchscreen

controlled by software

barcode system (optional)

precise, rectangular cuts

cover boards and spine trimmed in one work cycle

trimmed pieces are forwarded to the operator for immediate processing (case-making)

available as standalone model or as a component of the Cover 1 system


book cases

photo books and albums


ring binders

one-part products (e. g. calendar backs)

asymmetric cases

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Case-making with Prä machines

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