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Gluing with Prä machines

PräziCoat Pro

Gluing machine

The PräziCoat Pro is a gluing machine with rotating doctor roll for the use of hotmelt gelatine (hot protein glue).

The PräziCoat Pro is a gluing machine with rotating doctor roll for the use of hotmelt gelatine  (hot protein glue) and is well-known for its clean application of glue. Roller speed as well as thickness of the glue layer may be adjusted. The machine has a patented, automatic viscosity control (AVC) regulating the solids of the glue at any time. This eliminates downtime caused by controlling the viscosity manually. The PräziCoat Pro  is equipped with a built-in timer. The glue is heated to the preset time so that it is ready for use at production start. Again, downtime is eliminated.
To avoid condensation at the material support, the transport rollers and underneath the feeding table, the machine is equipped with an airing table. 
After finishing the gluing job, hardly any cleaning is required. The machine is switched off and cools down. Neither roller, glue tray, viscosity control nor doctor rolls need to be cleaned. If cleaning is required, e.g. in the case of glue change, the glue tray my be removed easily.  

The machine is available in two versions:
PräziCoat Pro TouchScreen - standalone machine; all settings are controlled by a tablet PC
PräziCoat Pro - without tablet PC to combine with a the PräziCase Pro casemaker or to integrate into the Cover 1 casemaking system

All settings are controlled by tablet PC (standalone version) or by the central control unit of the PräziCase Pro casemaker.
The sheets are fed manually, are then transported by guide rollers and are taken off by hand after gluing. 

  • stand with built-in water pump and water container

The PräziCoat Pro is equipped with a RJ45 network connector. After connecting a computer or notebook with internet access our technical service department may evaluate error logs may provide quick and targeted assistance in case of a machine failure.

  • Width x Length: 92 x 84 cm
  • Height: approx. 46 cm
  • Weight: approx. 104 kgs
  • Roller width: 530 mm
  • Air pressure: approx. 3,8 l/min ati 2,4 - 8,2 bar
  • Water supply: 1/4"line, 2 - 3.4 bar
  • Power supply: 230 V (A. C.)


very even glue application

automatic viscosity control

adjustable glue layer thickness

no cleaning

built-in timer

adjustable roller speed

heated airing table (to avoid condensation)

available as standalone model or as component of the Cover 1 system


cloth sheets

laminated cover paper



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Gluing with Prä machines

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