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Gluing with Prä machines

PräziCoat XS

Gluing machine

The PräziCoat XS is a solid two-roller gluing machine for both cold and hot glue.

The PräziCoat XS is a solid two-roller gluing machine for both cold and hot glue and is well-known for its smooth running.
The layer of glue is applied very evenly and may be adjusted by modifying the distance of the two rollers to one another. The adjustment is done by two adjustment screws situated above the bearings of the upper roller. The speed of the glue rollers is continuously adjustable.
For use with hot glue the PräziCoat XS  is equipped with a heated glue tray with temperature control.
The machine may be cleaned very easily.
When using hot glue, the glue tray is lowered and superfluous glue is wiped off the rollers and then rinsed with water. Then the machine is simply cooled down.
When using cold glue, the tray is filled with water and the turning rollers clean themselves.

The sheets are placed between the rollers manually, from where they are guided to the upper application roller.
Off-lifters lift the glued sheets off the application roller.
The sheet reversing device release the cover material with glued side on top. This device as well as its optimized construction make the machine ideal for use in the PräDeka casemaking system

  • automatic water supply device PräVis
  • Floor space: 60 x 45 cm
  • Height: approx. 25 cm
  • Weight: approx. 50 kgs
  • Roller width: 350 mm
  • Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz (A. C.)


suitable for hot and cold glue

very smooth running

even glue application

easy cleaning

automatic water supply (optional)

cover material is released with the glued side facing upwards (optional)

adjustable roller speed

heatable glue tray with temperature control

high paper weights may be processed

built-in air circulation


cloth sheets

laminated cover paper




miscellaneous cover materials

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Gluing with Prä machines

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