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Pressing and joint-setting with Prä machines

PräForm Pro

Multi-station book press and joint-setting machine

The PräForm Pro is a case press and joint-setting machine for changing formats for pressing several books and setting the joint after casing-in.

The PräForm Pro has 8 stations with spring-supported  and heated joint bars. The joint bars are exchangeable and available in different shapes for various applications. The built-in joint bars are suitable for laminated and cellophaned papers as well as for binding materials such as cloth.
As the individual stations open automatically in the withdrawal position, the ready book can be removed quickly and the next cased-in book can be inserted.
With the new multi-station system and its higher output a longer pressing time is achieved which is required for a high-quality joint.
The machine has two pneumatic covers on the front to allow easy access to the upper pressing stations.
The PräForm Pro is controlled by touchscreen. All functions of the machine may be checked and each station may be controlled individually on this monitor. The opening widths as well as the operation speed of the stations are individually adjustable. Especially during serial production the work processes may be accelerated by reduced opening widths. The operating speed is adjustable
The state-of-the-art safety system of the machine (e. g. light grid) combines highest safety standards for the operator with perfect ease of operation as there are no disturbing coverings in the working area.

After casing-in, the book is placed on the bottom pressing plate with the joint lying on the bottom joint former. An optical joint indicator (light line) marks the upper joint former.
For fixing the book, the upper pressing plate with the joint bar may be lowered by foot pedal.
To increase the insertion of books during serial production, there is a back stop which is set to the size of the book. After starting the pressing process by  pressing the push-button "Close press", the pressure of the joint bars is built up whilst the pressing plates are already pressing. This ensures that the joint is set evenly on the top and bottom side.
Additionally, temperature, pressing time, the pressure of the joint bars and the automatic opering may be adapted to the product to achieve optimum results. All settings are changed on the touchscreen.
The station is moved one step to the left. The next station moves into the operating position and opens automatically. The next cased-in book may be inserted and/or the pressed book may be removed from it.
After pressing, the books are pushed to the rear into a piling station, which lowers with each book inserted, amd are then moved away by a conveyor. Usually, the books are piled for drying but do not need to be pressed again.
Processing speed and operation of the PräForm Pro  are adapted to joint use with our PräLeg casing-in machine. With its 8 stations to be fed individually the ensures - at maximum work speed - a pressing time of at least 115 seconds per book. This is an adequate time to achieve a durable connection between book block and case and ensures a durable shape of the joint.
Both machines may be operated by one person, which ensures high productivity. Manually cased-in books may, of course, also be processed in the PräForm Pro.

  • barcode recognition for exact positioning of the back stop
  • various joint formers for different material requirements

The PräForm Pro is equipped with a RJ45 network connector. After connecting a computer or notebook with internet access our technical service department may evaluate error logs may provide quick and targeted assistance in case of a machine failure.

  • Floor space: 230 x 250 cm
  • Height: 151 cm
  • Weight: approx. 900 kgs
  • Power supply: 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 0.8 kW (AC)
Book sizes:   

  • Height: up to 315 mm
  • Width: 80 - 420  mm
  • Thickness: up to 50 mm (w/o piling unit up to 70 mm)
  • Output: approx. 300 cycles / h (depending on material)


multi-station press

no setup time

simple settings via ouchscreen

improved quality by extended pressing time

perfect shaping of the joints

pressure, pressure time and temperature may be adapted to different materials

automatic discharge either to the front or to the rear

automatic piling unit at the back

increase of process reliabilty with optional barcode system

optimized for use with the casing-in machine PräLeg


book with flat and rounded backs

layflat books

foamed book cases

books with cellophaned cases

processed and sensitive cases

textile, leather and cloth cases

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Pressing and joint-setting with Prä machines

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