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Solutions for the production of hardcover books as of volume 1

Whether you are producing photo books, books-on-demand or whether you are looking for an affordable entry-level solution for hardcover production,  we offer the perfect machine solution for your requirements.

Entry-level solutions

When starting with the production of hardcover books, making them manually takes too much time whereas a fully automatic solution is cost-intensive.
Our XS series offers the perfect solution for starting machine-made production. Compact, affordable and of high quality.

Book-on-demand solutions

Book-on-demand is a publishing process for print products since the middle of the 1990ies. It is based on the digital printing technique: The print templates are prepared as digital data records and may be stored permanently by the supplier. Only after receipt of an order they are printed and/or products, even with volume 1.

Photo book solutions

A photo book is a digitally printed book. Its pages are created with photos and texts by the user itself. Besides digitally printed photo books, there are also photo books with genuine photo paper. Photo books which were launched massively in Germany in 2007, are competing with traditional photo albums.

Performance categories of machines

Our machines are ideal solutions for all tasks involved in the production of small and medium volumes.
The machines are are optimally attuned to one another in terms of performance and operation and may therefore be combined according to individual requirements.

Performance class 1: up to 50 pieces per hour

Performance class 2: up to 100 pieces per hour

Performance class 3: as of 200 pieces per hour

Solutions for binderies

Between the pure manual and industrial production of books there is a large area of the production of small volumes or one-off production. A manual production with machine support is a guarantee for high quality even for small and medium volumes. In your range, you will find all machines required for the production and processing of books.

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