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Cover materials

Binding paper

Book covers often have a paper cover. For ''normal'' books a printed or laminated paper. For special books, cover papers that are stylistic devices themselves, are being used. Colours, structures and haptics are elements to make a book something special. Embossings refine it even more. Coated papers additionally protect against stains.
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Binding cloth

There is large range of binding cloths: coated, uncoated, coloured, natural, etc. The variety is endless. It depends on the contents or the application which cloth is being used. There is a significant difference between a cover made of paper or cloth. Durability, protection against stains and the need for embossing are reasons for choosing cloth instead of paper. One of the most important cloths is Englisch Buckram, the cloth being used by libraries according to RAL RG 495.
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Binding leather

There are books with covers of glass, wood or even metal - very special items. But still leather is what makes a book really valuable and precious. Haptics, smell, touch and feel, the possibility of a gold or blind embossing make a book a special experience.
An alternative to genuine leather is the so-called bonded leather, mainly consisting of leather fibres. Bonded leather is available in rolls and sold by the metre in many versions and embossings.
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