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PräziCover endsheets

PräziCover - combined endsheets

PräziCover consist of double, folded endsheets hinged with a fabric.
The folded sheets are closed at the foredge so that they may be processed in the cover feeder of a fanbinder. In one step, the book block gets a reinforcement at the spine als well as "real" endsheets.

PräziCover are available ex stock in the following standard sizes:
  • A5 portrait and landscape
  • A4 portrait and landscape
  • Square 22 x 22 cm and 31 x 31 cm

They are available in gap widths of 3- 54 mm, according to the book block thickness

Special sizes, paper weights or colours may be produced by request. Please contact us.

PräziCover in our online shop

PräziTab - tabbed endsheets

PräziTab consist of a single folded sheet of endpaper with a 3 mm tab extending beyond the fold. It enables the binding of a book block with closed endpaper ("real" endsheets) despite milling the book spine. The tab holds the folded sheet away from the spine allowing the endsheets to be inserted into a perfect binder with the book block. Only the tab is milled leaving the endsheets in the correct position for adhesive binding.
PräziTab in our online shop

PräziFold - folded endsheets

PräziFold is a folded endsheet linking book block and book case of a hardcover book at the front and at the back. One half of the endsheet is fully adhered to the book case whereas the other half (the so-called "fly leaf") remains freely movable. As the endsheet has to take a lot of wear and tear in the joint area, it should be of high quality.

Printed endsheets

Send us your individually printed sheets of end paper and we will produce folded endsheets, PräziCover or PräziTab endsheets according to your requirements.

Coloured endsheets

To give your books a special touch, use e. g. our Black Magic, an extra black endpaper of premium quality, choose a colour out of the large range of Efalin or deckle-edge paper or choose a traditional design out of the "Leipzig" endpaper collection.

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