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Small devices

Pressing book corners

With the book corner press PräPremo® metal corners up to 30 mm leg length may be attached easily to books, menus, organizers, note books etc. The pressure may be dosed more finely than with book corner pliers or even by applying manual pressure with pliers, hammer or vice.  The press comes in a handy case with compartments for different book corners. An assortment of book corners is already included.

For larger volumes, we offer a pneumatic version, the PräPremo Pro®. The pressing process is released by foot pedal. The PräPremo Pro® may even process book corners up to 50 mm leg length.
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Paring leather

The Schärffix® is a leather-paring device used to pare leather for different products. This means e. g. to thin the edges and joints of a book case in order to be able to turn in the edges. This "thinning" or paring is done by removing some of the interior layer. After paring, the edges may easily turned in or overlapping parts may be connected or sewn together.
With a little bit of practice, the  Schärffix® is an indispensable tool for anyone working with leather. The device comes in a handy case with different paring rolls and spare blades.
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Gilding book edges

There is an alternative to gilding book edges with gold leaf: gilding with an edge-gilding roll and a special edge-gilding foil transferred by heat. Not only book blocks, calenders etc. may be gilded, but also business cards and other cardboard products. The edge-gilding roll is electrically heated and has be be operated with an external thermostat.
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Heat up hot glue

Electric glue pots to carefully heat up hot animal glue in a water bath are also useful devices. They are available with a capacity of 0.25 litres and 1 litre.
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Illuminate book pages, paintings etc.

We offer a large variety of light sources such as luminous films,  LED light pads and large LED light tables up to DIN A0. They are, e. g. used in paper and painting conservation to see watermarks in books or background pages for repair works, watching photo-negatives, backlighting and to illuminate damaged parts of paintings or textiles.
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Book presses

A book press is an essential device in traditional bookbinding. For the majority of jobs, however, a costly cast-iron press is not required.
We therefore offer a light book press with hardwood platens for amateur use as well as a solid steel press for professionals.
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