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Technical materials

Technical materials for bookbinding

To make a book durable and functional, technical materials such as mull, shirting, backliner, crepe paper etc. are used. Usually, they serve to re-inforce the endpaper in the joint and to backline the books back to build a hinge to the book case.
We supply all these materials by the metre from master rolls or slit into narrow rolls according to your requirements.
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Technical materials for conservation

In the conservation industry, technical materials are also essential. These are e. g. nonwovens for paper restoration used as segregation material between blotting board, for pressing / weighing down glued papers, also with glue debris, as interleave for lamination and as support when washing papers, nonwovens to filter fluids, needle felt for moistening, drying and filtering, mesh etc. Moreover, these materials include Japanese papers, blotting board, Tyvek, hostaphan film etc.
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