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Wooden tools

Sewing, gilding, trimming, pressing, rounding. In former times, all these works and techniques used to be done manually with wooden tools. Nowadays, many bookbinders still work in the traditional way and use these wooden tools.
We offer sewing frames and their accessories, bookbinder's presses, gilding presses, rounding bars etc.
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Gilding tools

We offer a wide range of tools and accessories for decorative gilding, e. g. with gold leaf, gilding rolls, decorative pallets made of brass and suitable wooden handles. These are also available as blocking dies for use in a typeholder. Moreover, we supply typestyles made of brass and zinc-aluminium.
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Binding tools

Binding tools are very helpful when manually making book cases. Case-making squares, spine gauge, band nippers and square trimming straightedges are only some of the "little helpers" in our range.
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Little helpers

Without many little tools, craft will not work. From a simple to a Japanese awl, bone folders, teflon folders, bamboo or even agate folers, brushes in innumerous versions for different applications, cutting tools like scissors, knives and cutters, measuring tools, eyeletting and punching tools etc.  - all these "little helpers" are essential for bookbinding and conservation.
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