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Bookbinding machines

The complete solution for making hardcover books as of volume 1

Today more and more books are printed digitally and require fast and customized finishing as of volume 1.
This print-on-demand technology plays a dominant role in the production of photo books and special editions from small volumes down to single books. At the same time the finishing of these books with a hardcover becomes more and more standard procedure.
For one-offs or short-runs it is essential to have machines with zero or very short set-up times for different formats. Machines which allow to make short-runs or one-offs economically but also at a high-quality level.
For 40 years, we have been manufacturing this kind of machinery. They are the perfect solution to make books from one-offs up to 300 pcs./h and with formats up to DIN A3 portait or landscape.
The machines are fully compatible and designed for combined use. Therefore, the maximum output is achieved by using the complete line. The advantages are a very good relation between investment and performance, easy operation and the simple maintenance of all our machines.

The quality label "Made in Germany" is still of great importance to us.

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